What is Picard?

A Picard store from the outside. Looks like they sell auto parts.
A Picard store from the outside. Looks like they sell auto parts.

I have been walking past this shop for over a week and cannot figure out what it is. There are people inside bending over containers but from the street I cannot see what Is in them. The place is all white walls, floors, even the bins into which people are peering. The lighting is bright white fluorescent. Near the front door is a flyer with a photo of heart shaped cookies being dipped into chocolate so I surmise that this is a specialty dessert shop. In we go and guess what? Everything in Picard is frozen! Every white bin is a freezer loaded with pricy, frozen food. Organic vegetables in wine sauce, shrimp and fish and pastas, mangos, strawberries, milk, butter, whole dinners all conveniently ready to defrost and eat. What a cool (literally) place.



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    • Brenda Prowse

      Hi Ardis,
      I haven’t tried anything frozen yet, but methinks it will be a dessert. The fresh foods in the open air market have not yet lost their fascination! At a restaurant in Vincennes the other night I had an avocado salad that was made with lemon juice, olive oil, mashed avocado and topped and bottomed with a paper thin slice of mango. It had been molded in a custard cup. Simple and delicious.

  1. Randi Strong-Petersen

    Love all your blogs today….and you!!! Aren’t you supposed to be packing and moving? Just checked into my hotel-the excitement of the pursuit begins @4 today. Thinking of you and asking you for this gift so many many years ago.


    • Brenda Prowse

      I am so excited for you Randi, I know that you and the Pursuit will benefit. We were to meet with the landlord yesterday but Hugh has a bad cold and chills so we rescheduled for today. We can move everything in tomorrow, Sunday! We had to transfer more money too as the landlord wants a full year’s rent payments in a trust account at our French HSBC bank. We will write more details about that process. Thinking of you and sending a big hug.

  2. Liz Murray

    Next thing you know that will be the next addition to “Down Town Winslow”! The perfect addition to T & C’s deli!
    Your stories are fabulous–I’m beginning to see Paris.
    Love, Liz

    • Brenda Prowse

      It’s a great idea, Liz. Remember when there was that great take out place right on Winslow Way? They had beautifully prepared dinners that ferry commuters could pick up on their way home. They had a baked pigeon dish which they referred to as “your personal chicken.” Will you be going to see the Oscars at the Lynwood Theatre? I shall miss that. Last year my friend Barb and I wore fur coats and munched the theatre popcorn while watching and marveling at the star’s outfits.

  3. Jan Hiatt

    So where are you packing up and heading for now? Was the Pekin a Chinese restaurant or a pub? The Picard looks like an amazing place to graze once a week or so! I assume it is a chain. It is about as cold outside here as it probably is inside the Picard…

    • Hugh Nelson

      Jan – I’ll send a separate email with our new address near Notre Dame. The Pekin was a Chinese restaurant. I went looking for Picard in our new neighborhood last night but got waylaid by a farmers market along the way. We saw a Picard in the Latin Quarter this morning when we went on the Paris Walks Hemingway tour – more on that later. There’s another Picard by Pont Neuf. I don’t think it’s as cold here as in Michigan, but it’s way colder than in Poulsbo. We shiver a lot.

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