Trapped after hours in Parc Floral De Paris

DSCF1337 Today I got locked inside the Parc Floral de Paris, not far from our hotel. I walked there  late this afternoon and did not notice that the French signs say that in winter the park closes at 5 PM. About 5:30 I started noticing that there were no other people around so decided to head back towards the entry. Fascinated by the unusual children’s play toys, the swans gliding about in the lovely ponds, and the gardens with plants labeled with French signs and descriptions, I had unwittingly walked a long way. It was quite a hike back. Nearing the entry I saw that huge, high, metal barred gates had been slid across.

Brenda notes Park hours after retraining.

Brenda notes Park hours after retraining.

I started examining the fencing surrounding the park and discovered that there were pointy spears atop it. Climbing out was not going to be easy. It was growing dark! After half an hour of walking and searching for the best place to attempt my escape, I spotted a guard on a bicycle. He was not at all pleased that I not only spoke minimal French but that he had to walk me back to the main gate and unlock it. He pointed angrily to the signs at the entry after he let me out. In tiny little print it said : De l’horaire d’hiver à la fin févier  9h30-17h. Now why didn’t I pay attention to that?



  1. OMG-what a great adventure!!! All ypoi had to do was say “omelette du fromage”…

  2. Gay Brownlee says

    You are a fabulous writer, Mr. Hugh! I so enjoy your vivid descriptions and observations (although you missed the closing hour for the park)! Love and hugs to you both from your Poulsbo pal.

  3. Hey! Great way to enlist the reticent help of the local French to save s fair damsel.

  4. These kind are the “best” kind adventures and the ones worth remembering! May you have many more!

  5. Funny story. I was anticipating your climb! Glad you are having fun. Winifred

  6. The winter schedule at the end February…

  7. I got a chuckle out of that one. Just one of the many adventures you will be having.

    • Brenda Prowse says

      Now after a few days, it does seem funnier to me too! I bet you are looking forward to spring at your new beautiful home! I hope you send some photos of the plants and waterfall!

  8. well you have answered my questions……you two are have many adventures…which is the way it should be…i knew it would not be boring….can’t wait to hear of the next one…..the neighborhood sounds great….expecially the outdoor market…….shelly

  9. Good one Brenda, I guess next time you will be reading the fine print.


  10. OMG, that is SO something I would have done. Glad you made it out before daybreak!!

  11. Ardis Morrow says

    It’s a good thing you left Hugh home, they no doubt would have thrown him in jail but
    since you have that lovely disarming innocent smile that no bicycle
    guard could resist you were not even fined. Way to go to discover
    the real Paris.


  12. Ardis Morrow says

    Sorry, Hugh, not that you don’t have a lovely disarming smill but I
    believe it might work better for you had the bicycler been female.

  13. Ardis Morrow says

    I know you are capable of handling any situation that my arise. Proud
    of you for getting out of the park. Wonder what your next escapade
    will be? I live in wonder.

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