Street side crèpes!

Creparie artisan in the Marais

Crèperie artisan in the Marais

Oui! There really are crèperies with windows opening onto the street so you can walk right up, order, pay then continue on your way while enjoying a delicious snack. In the Marais, a lively neighborhood within half a mile of our apartment, this delightful frenchman sings and jokes while preparing your crèpe. You can have sweet (sucre) or one filled with chicken, egg, ham and or fromage. (cheese)


  1. Yes! I want to go there! Who has time to doddle in Paris.. too much to do and see.

  2. Daniel Fischer says

    We dont have that in Poulsbo. Looks fun

  3. Jane woodward says

    Looks so fun. You better keep walking as not to put on pounds. Thanks for sharing. Jane

  4. Liz Murray says

    And he’s cute, too!

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