Standing Up to the Eiffel Tower

This Wall St Journal link tells of a developer who moves to a different apartment in Paris every few years. His latest effort on the Champs Élysées he purchased for $8 million and put another $2 million into remodeling. Very nice but I don’t think this place will work for us.

Standing Up to the Eiffel Tower –


  1. Oh come on! Did you even go look at it? “I” think it could work with some new paint!

  2. Barbara Monks says

    I also love Paris…have a wonderful time!
    You might like: Bonjour Paris…a website that I receive weekly.
    Good for places to go and restaurants, etc.
    Also book: “Almost French” by Sarah Turnbull and
    “Friend or Foe” by Polly Platt.

    • Brenda Prowse says

      Thank you for the recommendations, Barbara. I will get the books and sign up on the web site. We are in the “find an apartment” mode right now. Quite the adventure!

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