Snowing in Paris tonight

It’s snowing here tonight, and it’s beautiful. I took some photos of Notre Dame de Paris and of the streets near our apartment. There isn’t very much snow, but it also appears that Paris has no snow removal equipment. Police lights are flashing everywhere. It’s slick out there. On the other hand, the metro is running on time.

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  1. Nice!

  2. It is so pretty….also so the locks of love bridge…Thanks for sharing….

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures Hugh! Keep them coming.

  4. You are having way too much fun. Did you order this Platinum Tour of this wonderful city? :o))

  5. Nice snow

  6. Jan Hiatt says


  7. Beautiful. Is the apartment warm and cozy now?

    • Brenda Prowse says

      Hi Carrie,
      Now that the café below us is open there is a huge difference in the warmth in our apartment!

  8. Ardis Morrow says

    Brrrr, hope you are keeping warm. Love the photos, no wonder you wanted to go there.

    • Brenda Prowse says

      Hi Ardis,
      We miss you so much! Last night was a 3 dog nite for sure! We substituted two comforters!

  9. why is it snow makes everything even more beautiful? and the hush that accompanies it….deligihtful!

    • Brenda Prowse says

      And there was nearly total quiet last night as it was too icy for most drivers to venture out. The snow melts today though!

  10. I love seeing your building and the local streets. Hope your keeping warm and cozy.. but it is supposed to be spring!

    • Brenda Prowse says

      Yes, where is the spring? Actually the snow is melting today and I see daffodils around the base of trees on the grounds of Notre Dame!

  11. I am so happy to see you both having such a great time… you earned it.

    Love you bunches,

  12. Cheers

  13. Richard B. White says

    Bet you didn’t bring your ski’s, did you? Thanks for all of the sharing!

  14. Wonderful pictures you guys. We were only in Paris once for a wonderful 4 hour adventure…..your blog allows me to take in Paris a little at a time through your posts….Thank you for keeping this up. Great pictures and real life writing.

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