Roller Blading in Paris

IMG_4323 IMG_4324Late in the afternoon on Sunday as Hugh and I were leaving our new gym to walk the short half mile to our apartment, the street suddenly filled with roller bladers! They were escorted by police and followed by bicycles and emergency vehicles (in case of roller blade accident.) While they stopped at a traffic light, I got a few quick photos. When I ran back in to the health club to ask about the roller bladers, the receptionist told me that there is gathering every Sunday for a race through the streets. Further research informed me that every Friday night starting at 10 PM there is a 3 hour roller blade ride through the streets of Paris sponsored by Pari Roller. There can be as many as 35,000 bladers! The bladers we saw on Sunday were beginners or families but the Friday night event is for experts! What a great way to see the city!


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