Paris Gardens!

Our summer visitors have enjoyed exploring some of Paris’s many gardens. Two of their favorites were the Jardins des Plantes and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Brenda in the same field after the flowers get going
Brenda in the field after the flowers get going

Jardins des Plantes-Paris’s main botanical garden was founded in 1626. It was planted as a medicinal herb garden in 1635 by Louis XIII’ s physician, Guy de la Brosse. There are over 4500 plants in these spectacular grounds and they are only a short walk along the Seine from our apartment!  About 3 hectares (7.5 acres) of the total 25 hectares are planted in stunning display gardens. There is also a magical rose garden, an alpine garden, Mexican and Australian hothouses, a labyrinth and a zoo.  The Jardin des Plantes maintains a botanical school and 4 museum galleries.

Sailing ships in the Luxembourg pool
Sailing ships in the Luxembourg pool

Jardin du Luxembourg is located a bit further away from our apartment but still within walking distance-my 87 year old mother had no trouble strolling there with me! We love the wide tree lined pathways, the ice cream vendors conveniently located at the entry gates, the combination of traditional French and English gardens, the fountains and sculptures. There is even a bronze replica of the Statue of Liberty. When Henry the IV was assassinated in 1610, his wife, Marie de Medicis, had the Palais de Luxembourg and surrounding gardens built to be like those of her childhood home in Florence, Italy. She did not want to continue living at the Louvre with the memory of her slain husband. We explain a little more of the history in this previous entry about the gardens. The Palais de Luxembourg has been home to many other historical events and is now home to the French Senate.


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  1. Roger & Alice Hull

    MuchAdoAboutOslo…Hi, Hugh and Brenda!
    Alice and I are having fun in Oslo this and next week. The main thing about this city that immediately jumped out at us is the amount of construction going on, from the airport which is being expanded greatly to all the old buildings being renovated. It appears that many are being seismically strengthened as well as cosmetically freshened. We are staying at the Saga Hotel, a very old hotel that recently has been upgraded. It’s now very nice. It sits right in the middle of the city, so we are hoofing it around for much of our sightseeing. The weather is beautiful here. Fortunately for us, all of the Norwegians with whom we have thus far had to interact speak excellent English.
    Thanks for all of your “MuchAdo’s.” We look forward to them and really are getting a Paris education.
    Best regards, Roger & Alice.

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