New Bells Chime With Modern Pitch At Notre Dame Cathedral

Palm Sunday was to be the first ringing of the new church bells at Notre Dame, and I awoke about 8 am to a magnificent new sound. I hurriedly dressed and went outside to try to capture the music, but the bells quit tolling for me, so to speak. I caught the tail end of a less magnificent ringing later in the morning, which I’ll post as a video below. I made several other tries to get the full effect, but always turned up a day late and a dollar short when I tried to record them. Guess I need to get the schedule. NPR did a story on the bells, a link to which appears below.

New Bells Chime With Modern Pitch At Notre Dame Cathedral : NPR.

Also here’s a link to a Utube video from February playing the old bells.


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  1. Ardis Morrow

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  2. Jan Hiatt

    Listening to the two, I think I prefer the old sound, but since you are there, what do you think? Nice that they changed for the Easter season. Hope the bunny finds you two!

    • Hugh Nelson

      I think the new bells are much nicer and that what you hear is a better recording of the old bells versus my crummy recording of the new ones, with just a few of the 10 bells ringing. Sooner or later I’ll be in the right place to get a better recording, but in the mean time just know that the history is that the old ones were made of cheap metal, that they created harmonics that caused the cathedral’s engineers to worry about the tower falling down, and that most of the time they were not to be used. The chief value of the old bells is sentimental – they were rung the day that Paris became free from Nazi occupation. They will be displayed at some point at a museum somewhere. Easter is alive and well (both as a religious holiday and regarding the easter bunny) here in Paris. The chocolate shops go all out for Easter.

  3. Frank Wilson

    Thank you for this post… of the places we just could not visit on our short trip.
    This got me to digital grazing and an hour later I’ve learned a lot about Notre Dames history and the making of the new bells as well as the story of the old.
    Please keep blogging…,,,I’d pay for this stuff 😉

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