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Brenda Prowse in Paris 1994, photo courtesy of Richard White

Brenda Prowse visited Paris in 1994 and made a note back then that she wanted to live there someday. In January 2013, she and her husband Hugh Nelson moved to the City of Light. They stayed 2 years instead of the 1 year originally intended. Now they have sold their home in the US and moved back to Paris for an extended period. This Paris blog provides some commentary into the practical and impractical aspects of fulfilling the dream.

Blog posts include helpful information for others planning an extended trip away from home, personal insights, tourist information, sight seeing, and French history relevant to a deeper understanding of our topics. We hope you’ll find this blog interesting and useful in gathering ideas for your next trip to Paris.


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  1. Peter

    I was finally able to get your blog/ website on my Blackberry – I am stuck in Charlotte due to bad weather. So look for short and badly spelld messages from the road. I have been working with Mom to get her access to your blog site and acheived success last night – so don’t write anything you wouldn’t want Mom to see…

    • Brenda Prowse

      Hi Deb,
      We finally found an apartment. Hopefully we can move in this week end though there are all kinds of hoops that the landlord requires us to jump through first! It is very difficult to get rid of a tenant once they have moved in so owners are very cautious up front. They want a minimums of 6 months of rent in a trust account. The French government does not allow a landlord to evict a tenant during the winter months! We will send photos and more details. Hugh is sick with a cold and fever so I am going to the market to get oranges! You will probably be growing them in your green house by the time we return! Love you, B

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