Lauren Meyer bonne journée

Hugh, Lauren, and Brenda at dinner at Le Reminet
Hugh, Lauren, and Brenda at dinner at Le Reminet

Late in March we had the opportunity to have dinner here in Paris with Lauren Meyer. She works for a company on Bainbridge Island planning tours like the ones you might receive from your alma mater, “Join us for a 2 weeks on the French Riviera!” or something like that. She said that the Naval Academy and Georgia Tech, both of which send Hugh mailings with these types of travel opportunities, are clients of her company. Lauren was in France doing some advance planning for one of these trips (she was working the whole time), but was able to take a break her last night in town and have dinner with us at Le Reminet, a local restaurant about 50 yards down the street from our apartment. Unfortunately husband Greg didn’t get to make the trip. She sent us a nice note after returning home:

Hi Brenda and Monsieur Ewg,

I am filled with memories of a fun, relaxing evening surrounded by two lovely people in a beautiful room with stone walls and warm light.  Thank you so much for the delicious dinner in Paris. It is tops on the list of moments I enjoyed on my trip to France.  Your home away from home is lovely. I hope you get hours of curling up in that “book nook” with the world’s best view.

Thank you Lauren for taking time from your busy schedule to spend time with us.

Just goes to show that it’s not all work and no play if you have a chance to visit us in Paris.

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  1. Lauren Meyer

    Wow, I made the blog! I am dreaming of the day when Greg and I come to Paris for fun and adventure. I sincerely hope it will be when you are still there.

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