David Lebovitz Book Signing

DSCF3114 One of my favorite food authors and local Paris bloggers is David Lebovitz, whom I’ve been following ever since I read his book, “The Sweet Life in Paris” prior to leaving the US.  I recently  got to meet him in person at a book signing about half a mile from our apartment. The event was at a local cooking school, La Cuisine Paris. Not only did I get to meet David and have him sign another of his books, “The Perfect Scoop“, for me, but the Glaces Glazed ice cream truck was also there! Glaces Glazed serves unique gourmet blends of top quality ingredients in limited edition flavors. I sampled Black Sugar Sex Magic, a combination of chocolate, wasabi and ginger which had the most chocolatey flavor I have ever experienced. Hugh had their Mohito de Tokyo with rum, lemon, and mint – yum I think he said.


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  1. Ardis Morrow

    I am trying to imagine the chocolate wasabi ginger
    what a brain to think of a combination like that.

  2. Helene Smith

    Bonjour: Just found out my next door neighboor, Bobbie Kreider knows you and gave me your website. We might go to Paris fairly soon and we are a little concerned since we haven ‘t been there for the last 7 years.
    Anyway, what a coincidence. I really love Bobbie, she is taking another friend of yours for treatment to Seattle tomorrow.
    Au revoir

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