Cut and Color at Carita

Marine, my colorist

On March 5 th, Hugh and my 24th wedding anniversary, mon proprietaire, (landlord) was kind enough to arrange an appointment for me with her colorist and stylist, at Carita Paris3 rue du Boccador, Paris. Carita is billed as the House of Beauty and has several Paris locations. They have their own line of beauty products for face and body. At the entry the receptionist takes my coat and scarf and gives me a white robe to put on. Then I am led to the back of the salon to meet Marine, my colorist. She has lovely ear length wavy hair in a very natural reddish brown color so I am relieved that I will not come out with wild blonde streaks. While Marine is examining my roots and deciding how to blend new color with old, Audrey,  a delightful young and very petite dark haired gamine gives me the best manicure I have ever had. It is swiftly and expertly executed and my nails gleam with a high gloss coating.

IMG_4330The salon has black and white tiled floors, black washing basins with white sinks, thick black towels and lots of chrome, glass and wood cabinetry displaying Carita products. Marine, wearing a shiny black vinyl apron, carefully paints color onto each section of my hair, lets me rest for about 20 minutes while the dye works its magic, then washes and rinses my hair and gently massages my scalp for at least 10 minutes. I notice that colorists from time to time lightly squeeze the tops of their client’s shoulders- maybe just a sign to let us know that we are in good hands and to relax? It is very comforting.
When the rinsing is finished, Marine wraps my head in one of those abundant black towels twisting and tucking it into a turban then leads me to the cutting station where I am introduced to Clementine, my stylist. Carita is a very busy place. My landlord has told me that it can take weeks to get an appointment.
IMG_4334Clementine and I practice French while she cuts. She has had 4 years of training to become a stylist at this salon. Eventually she may want to have her own shop. She shapes my hair very carefully but quickly, following the style that Tyson at Robert Leonard Salon in Seattle has previously cut. Maybe next visit  I will be more adventuresome. Clementine blow dries my hair into waves which look very natural.
My hair is slightly darker brown than the color that Ward Fuentes at Seattle’s Robert Leonard Salon creates. We can work on that next time. Voilà! I am ready for our anniversary dinner celebration!
 See a video on U Tube at this link:
Here’s another view of the salon.


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  1. Liz Murray

    Wow!!! I think I’m more impressed with the photos of the interior than anything else. I shdder to think what the price tag on that was. You sound likfe you’re having a blast and I lve your detailed descriptons of everything. Keep them coming.
    Love, Liz Murray

  2. Daniel Fischer

    The U Tube video looked more like it was selling products to men rather than women. Dont get me wrong nice video for sure. 🙂

  3. Dianne Rodway

    What a fun way to celebrate your wedding anniversary! It is fun to read all your adventures. Your hair is pretty and I like the color. I was expecting a new cut with straight bangs and a bob which is what I think of when I think French hair but maybe that’s only in the movies! XO

  4. Jan Hiatt

    Belated Happy Anniversary- for some bizarre reason don’t have the date in my calender.
    Need to see pix of the final cut & color!

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