Cour Carrée et Pyramide du Louvre

You might be thinking that so far in Paris we’ve mostly been goofing off trying to make things work, the phone, the washing machine, the bank account, etc. In many ways you are correct, but occasionally we make it out into town and trip upon what makes the city famous. We were looking at neighborhoods where we might like to live when suddenly we’re at the courtyard near the entry pyramid at the Louvre. The audio doesn’t really convey our sense of wonder as we get the sense of a scene larger than life. We really are here! After I posted this and played the video I noticed that 6 other video links appear on screen. I can’t (and don’t) take credit for any of these. If you know how to turn that feature off in UTube, please drop me a line.


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  1. Richard B. White

    Who else would find the “BABY” Pyramid, the BABY, BABY, BABY Tourist / Wanna Be Resident. That was Way Cool and thanks for sharing.

    I do recall being at this location in 1994, before Sunrise, and the Security Guards wanted to confiscate my Camera Gear and Tripod because they claimed I had “Professional Gear” since I was using a Tripod. End result: they DID NOT Confiscate my Gear and the Head of Security authorized me to take photo’s when and where I wanted to on the property., except inside the buildings Any time, Day or Night!

    Mr. Hugh, you may find some nice Photo Ops of the Pyramid when it is dark. Also, the “Arches” to the left, while facing the Pyramid, by the BABY Pyramid, make for some good Night Shots.

    When you run out of things to visit, let me know, I can pass along a couple ideas. Some of them were visited with Brenda, but she may not remember, as she was occupied carrying my Tripod & Camera Bag. [She is a Very Good Sherpa, however!]

  2. Don Merry

    Hugh, thanks for the great travelogue. I do not know how to stop the 6 other links, yet the Valentine one was funny and a bit scary.

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