Bill Nelson

My father, Bill Nelson, passed away a year ago today in Pekin, Illinois. It’s one of those things that got me moving off my place secure in a life of work that would go on forever. I brought along a couple of Dad’s coats as a way of bringing him with me, sharing with him some place he never saw in life. He played a part in keeping me warm and dry in today’s cold rainy weather.


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  1. Jan Hiatt

    So glad you took those jackets with you. I know he made it to Japan, but I don’t think he went to Europe. Can’t believe it has been a year. Marion looked good when I saw her the day before she got out of the hospital. She is doing well.

  2. Peter Nelson

    I am so glad you honored Dad . And I am delighted your keeping this blog. I spoke with Mom on Saturday and we had a nice long talk. She rememberd that it was the anniversary of Dad’s passing and told me that she was at peace with all the changes but she still referes to herself as “we”. I will let her know I heard from you.. Keep in touch!

  3. Carrie Goller

    Hi Hugh, That is beautiful. Was the long coat you were wearing in Paris one of your father’s? I was thinking how cool that coat is. Really glad we were lucky enough to spend time with you and Brenda and see the beautiful new apartment. Good times.
    xo Carrie

  4. Lauren Meyer

    I was thinking how elegant you looked when you walked us to dinner under the umbrella. Knowing that is your father’s coat makes the picture in my memory of you and Brenda more special.

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