About to leave the old Hotel

In his collection of stories called Up in the Old Hotel, Joseph Mitchell told about an old man who, while grieving for the loss of his friends at their funeral wakes, secretly rejoiced in having outlived them. The things you can’t say. What we the living can say is that we are about to leave this hotel, the Adagio Paris Vincennes, our home of the past 3 weeks, and life up in the old hotel is a story worth telling.

The Adgio is a modern apartment hotel mid block on a busy street in Vincennes. From the outside it’s pretty nondescript, but inside it’s a modern place with all the conveniences. A few photos will tell the story:


  1. Ardis Morrow says

    so that must mean you have found an apartment in Paris?????

  2. Daniel Fischer says

    Very Nice!

  3. At least they don’t turn the water off at midnight, so if you came in late and want to have a shower, wash your face , or God forbid flush the toilet, you were right out of luck.. going back to many years to tell you and a Hotel a girl friend and I spend a week at in Reims years ago.. not so modern or so freindly.. So where to next?

  4. Ardelle Rein says

    Wow! What a nice apartment! I have never met a dryer in Europe that truly dries clothes…in London we had a drying rack to finish the job. AR

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