A Note of Apology

The other day I was trying to install a new theme on our website. The new theme, created for someone starting from scratch, included a few dummy posts so that the purchaser could see how it presented information.

So me…I installed the new theme and then the sample entries, thinking that I could delete them later before activating the theme. Unfortunately, somehow I activated the theme without removing those samples, so you suddenly received six or so new emails from muchadoaboutparis, none of which made any sense. I apologize and won’t let it happen again.

On another note, we are still here, now sometimes in Paris and sometimes in Spokane, Washington, where Brenda’s 97 year old mom lives. We moved back during the Covid-19 outbreak, and bought a house here near mom’s. Now mom has moved to assisted living, and we’ve sold her house. Life goes on.

Strange about those dummy posts – one of the posts was titled, “A Local’s Guide to Saratoga Springs.” I used to live in Saratoga Springs in the early ‘80s. It was the summer home of the New York City Ballet, and I saw Baryshnikov and Susan Farrell. It was the summer home of Eugene Ormandy’s Philadelphia Orchestra. In August the world of thoroughbred horse racing came to Saratoga, and I lost money at the track.

“Not anymore”, as says Inspector Clouseau. Now we live in Paris and Spokane. Hope you are still with us. This is my first post in the new design – hope it doesn’t explode.


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  1. Peter Nelson

    I am glad to see that Much Ado About Paris is back in operation! The new format looks great and the pictures are fabulous including the one of you with two good looking ladies. My only comment is that the print color in the “comment” box is very light and hard to see. I may misshpell some wurds without knowing…..

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