Waiting for the Super Bowl

Waiting for the Super Bowl As seen from the blimp5

The game’s doesn’t start until after midnight here in Paris, but we’re ready – all our friends are here for the big party, and it will be live on Channel W-9. Taco Bell was out of snacks so we had to make do with what was available.


  1. Gay Brownlee says

    Just got home from Donna’s…a fun group to watch the game, eat good food, and remember our friends who are in Paris! Love your blog–a great way to keep up with what you’re doing. I sent the web address to Linda & Kelly so they can share in your adventures. Love and Hugs 🙂

    • Hi Gay,
      How much we missed the Super Bowl Party. Being with the “Family” you’ve made is such an privilege and so much fun too. Sending a big hug.

  2. Can’t go wrong with wine and chocolate!

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