Paris streets are full of dog land mines. Parisians do not believe in picking up after their dogs. It is particularly yuchy after it rains and is slippery!


  1. I remember that! And older women in restaurants eating alone with a poodle in their lap! Saw that several times.

  2. Richard B. White says:

    DANG!! The Dog Shit is a real delight! Perhaps you should change your FB Page to reflect this one! :-))))
    Next time, go for a MACRO Shot Brenda . . . YUK, YUK, YUK!

  3. Richard B. White says:

    Glad to see you cleaned up your language from “Dog Shit” to “Dog Land Mines!”
    Looks like the French Culture is agreeing with you!
    “Tip Toe through the Dog Land Mines!”

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