Open Air Market in Vincennes

Vincennes MarketOn Tuesdays and Fridays there is a huge, colorful open air market in Vincennes, our temporary home. It is supposed to be the largest market in and around Paris. We can walk a few blocks from our hotel, the Adagio Paris Vincennes to partake of the market goodies.

Brenda buying vegetables

Brenda buying vegetables

There are many blocks of vendors lining both both sides of the streets, selling fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses, seafood, clothing, including cashmere sweaters, hats, gloves, even kitchen utensils and dishware. Shoppers get wonderful fresh produce.

Helping out with the French

This woman was helping us out with the French


Authentic scallops are distinctively marked

Vendors help each other out by asking each other and even passers by the English terms for items they want to tell us about. We try to tell them any French we know. It’s a bit of a mêlée wherever we go. Today we bought fresh peas and spinach, rabbit sausages, “rumsteck” which I think is the equivalent of round steak, an aged hard cheese that reminds me of pecorino and a fresh ripe and ready to eat mango. I can cook in the small kitchen in our room. So glad that before I came I downloaded “Cook’s All Time Best Recipes.”  Tonight for dinner I made their recipe for “pan seared cheap steaks with mustard cream sauce” fresh peas, fresh spinach and boiled beets. The food tastes so good- just like when I buy at the Farmer’s Market in Poulsbo. We have tried a few red wines too-comparatively inexpensive and very tasty.


  1. Linda & Kelly Lunn says

    Brenda & Hugh: So wonderful to be able to follow your adventures in Paris. Thanks for sharing the intricacies of living in a different country. We look forward to checking in frequently for updates…..enjoy every moment! Best wishes, Linda & Kelly

  2. I’m enjoying following your adventures. Each and every time, I try to imagine Hugh engaging the locals in French…no worse then I would do for sure. It all sounds so exciting. Patrick

  3. I noticed the artichokes in one of your photographs and it reminded me that we learned in France of easting very young and small artichokes. We had seen them in the markets and were curious since we had only used them at a more mature and larger size. It turns out that they are just as tasty, (albeit with less leave matter) but with the added benefit of not having that bitter part just above the heart, making them much less messy and easier to eat… and it’s all about the artichoke heart anyway! Aventures sécuritaires et profiter, au revoir.

  4. Have to check out this market with you when we return.

  5. Brenda,
    Exactly what street/location is this market on? We are staying in Vicennes this summer and would like to shop at the market for our groceries. Thanks so much!

    • Hugh Nelson says

      The market runs for several blocks along Rue de Fontenay in the vicinity of Avenue du Chateau. It’s a large market that should be able to meet most of your needs.

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