Leaving life behind

Every Thanksgiving the Wall St Journal runs an editorial (The Desolate Wilderness) that tells in part the story of the Pilgrims voyage to America. They leave behind all their friends and all that they know, and go forth into a life unknown with few resources and little help besides each other. In our small journey we’ve gained some appreciation of how the Pilgrims must have felt, though we have a great deal more in resources and assistance. Still leaving the Pacific Northwest and all of our friends, detaching from the world of work, and making arrangements to care for, store, or dispose of almost all of our worldly goods was a daunting task. I can’t help but recognize that any immigrant coming to America these days is making these same sacrifices-in most cases many more. The Pilgrims must have been really motivated to do all that it takes to leave life behind. The same can probably be said of any immigrant to our country.


  1. Sheri Johnson says:

    That’s some pretty good writing there, Hugh! Maybe you should write a book! 🙂

  2. Jan Hiatt says:

    So glad to be able to keep up with you! Don’t know if Peter will find this, but I will keep reading and keep in touch. There is internet in Alabama but he rarely uses it. Tell B not to start smoking….

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