1. I want to live somewhere where women wear amazing suits like this…c’et magnifique!!

  2. Kevin Hogan says

    Ok si if I go into the “Rental” business and make it big…….France is on my list!!

  3. Ardis Morrow says

    My oh my, you already look like Parisians.

  4. Funny, I hadn’t thought of getting a “foreign” bank account set up stateside, what a good idea! I was just going through the motions of trying to find a bank or credit card company that a) provides cards with chips instead of a magnetic swipe, and b) doesn’t charge ” foreign transaction fees” every time you use it. So thanks for the tip! I used to walk past the HSBC branch everyday when I worked downtown. Have you noticed ATM’s there not working with your swipe type cards?
    So happy for you 2. Phyllis would sooooo have loved to live in Paris. She was pretty darned good with the French accent! I hope you find time to take some French lessons to further channel your inner Parisian!

    • Brenda Prowse says

      Hi, Maureen,
      We just got a CapitalOne credit card. There are no foreign transaction fees and lots of benefits. We have not used a debit card here nor an ATM. We are still waiting for our French HSBC debit card which should arrive any day. Our American credit cards do not have a chip but restaurants, grocery stores, hotel, all have accepted our chip less cards.

      I think about Phyllis all the time and wish she were able to come for a visit. Hugh and I both miss her as I am sure that you do too.
      Good to see your posts on FB. You look fantastic! My mom says hello to you. She has fond memories of the trip to Italy and hopefully will be coming with my sister to visit us in Paris in September.

      • Funny, I too just switched to the Capital one for the same reason! But alas, no chip cards and apparently it is a bigger inconvenience in London. Yes, do say hello to your mom- what a sweetheart! If you are in the mood for a Chunnel trip in early May, perhaps we can connect – we have rented a flat in Covent Garden for 2 weeks. And when you get settled, I’d love to send the 3 sitting cat figurines to you – the perfect house warmer for your Paris apartment! That trip really was fun, I was just thinking about it tonight watching Rick Steves on the Amalfi coast. I would love to take that same trip again with my husband- that day at the mineral baths was so so nice as was staying at Giuliana’s. I spent 2 weeks in Italy again in 2008 and 2010- I love Rome and Fiesole!

        • Brenda Prowse says

          Hi Maureen,
          We would love to visit you in London in May. Early in the month should work out! Love and Cheers

          • As the Brits say, “brilliant”!! We will be there April 27-May10. We are sharing the flat with my sister and brother-in- law and would love to connect with you and Hugh! What is your email now? I’ll send you all our contact info and the flat landline, address, etc.

          • Brenda Prowse says

            Hi Maureen, we are looking forward to visiting and “touring” with you!

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