Arthur, concierge supreme!

Arthur poses for his photo

Arthur poses for his photo

We’re staying at the Adagio Paris hotel in Vincennes. Although it’s east of the city center about 6 miles, we picked it for an arrival address because it was reasonably priced and had good reviews. What we’ve discovered is that people in Vincennes always recommend Vincennes as the best place to stay. They like that it is quieter than Paris but has woods in which to walk, the Chateau de Vincennes, a Middle Ages castle (the tallest standing in Europe) under reconstruction, their many good restaurants, the largest outdoor market in or around Paris and an easy to commute to the city via the Metro- only 18 minutes.

Arthur, our friendly and informative concierge, allowed us to take his photo. We admire him and his elegant, structured suit. Arthur has answered so many of our questions so politely and carefully, always with a smile. He seems genuinely glad to give us advice and make recommendations. We are always happy to see him at the front desk. He encourages our attempts to speak French and is “astonished” when we pronounce a phrase correctly. Arthur made dinner reservations for us for next Saturday evening at “Gallopin,” a 120 year old brasserie which he frequents and thinks we and our unexpected guests from Poulsbo will too. Merci, Arthur for your kindness.


  1. Hello, Arthur is my son … so I m so happy to read your impress about him and his job .. Thank you so much for him, because he is a very young concierge, who’s always want to make this activity, so….he must be very proud of…your text.
    Best regard.
    Please Excuse my english

    • Hugh Nelson says

      Nathalie, merci beaucoup! Arthur has been so helpful – he is our best friend. We will miss him when we leave the hotel. You must be very proud of him.

  2. Yes indeed it is my pride, and the most beautiful person I know.
    Arthur has always been unanimity within the family and outside course from nursery 🙂
    I am delighted to read your friendship and I’m sure you’ll keep a link even leaving the hotel.
    spend a great day
    (thank google translation …)

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